Success in MLM!! Why does it elude you????

by Monty Weymouth on August 15, 2012

Ever wonder why you do everything recommended by all those who are successful in the internet marketing  business and it still
doesn’t work for you? Maybe it is because you just are not ready for success! So lets get ready–lets set some goals and
put them on paper so they actually work. I am willing to bet 90% of you will tell me you have your goals set and that
85% of that 90% have not spent 5 minutes writing them down and preparing yourself for success.
So lets write some goals and write them so they actually work! We will only get a start today but it will
be more than you had yesterday!!!
So lets write some goals!   A goal must be in the first person–I or I am–it must be present tense and it must be positive AND it must show some excitement.

So something like,”I am thrilled that I am a great marketer” or “I am a very successful lead generator” You will want to place
your goals in the present not the future. So even though you have not yet accomplished your goal you express your goal as if it
has already happened!
We will continue with goal setting the next time we get together. Do write some goals down on a 3 x 5 card and carry them with you
and repeat them to yourself 2 or 3 times each day!  Wonder about the Dark Picture above?? That is where we may be now but NOT where we are going!!!
If you would like to be more successful at generating leads for your business I am happy to give you,
for free,  AND believe it or not I will NOT try to sell you something half way through the video!!!!!   You won’t believe how your business will improve!

Have a great week.